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GSA Federal Acquisition Service
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For general questions, contact:
FAS National Customer Service Ctr
Phone: 1-800-488-3111

Transportation and Logistics Services
Packaging Services
MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Transportation and Logistics Services - Packaging Services
Category Description
332439 Shipping, Cargo, Freight, and Storage Containers - Includes shipping, cargo, freight, and storage containers.
Subgroups (Subgroups are provided for market research purposes only. Buyers should confirm specific contract offerings are available by verifying awarded products and services on the contractor's GSA pricelist.)
  Container and related products and services, not elsewhere classified (NEC)
334419 Unique Identification (UID) / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID - For a variety of applications including supply chain management, logistics, and anti-counterfeiting, to improve inventory management and reduce operating costs. Unique Identification (UID) is a system of distinguishing one object from another. UID of items requires that qualifying items have a data matrix inscribed either directly on the item or on a permanent machine-readable label affixed to the item. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a method of remotely storing and retrieving data using devices called RFID tags/transponders. An RFID tag is a small object integrated with a silicon chip, such as an adhesive sticker, that can be attached to or incorporated into a product. RFID tags contain antennas to enable them to receive and respond to radio-frequency queries from an RFID transceiver. RFID allows for individual items to have a unique identifier and can identify many items at once. RFID enables consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industries to improve their operating efficiency throughout their supply chains.
561910 Packaging Services - Consolidation and Container loading of shipments, track & arrange freight shipments, hold bulk shipments in storage, and repacking services. This service also included over-wrapping, cello-wrapping, shrink wrapping, sample packet affixing, conveyor line kit packaging, basket packaging, radio frequency identification security tags, design services, consulting services lab testing, pallet repair and recycling, packager-not mover, design-packaging systems, assessments, assembly, documentation, quality assurance documents, material safety data sheets (msds), raw material certification, customs invoices, certificate of compliances, certificate of origins and, mailing and collating services

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