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GSA Federal Acquisition Service
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For general questions, contact:
VA FSS Help Desk
Phone: 708-786-7737
65 II F PATIENT MOBILITY DEVICES - Includes Wheelchairs, scooters, walkers.

65 II F Category list:

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Category Description
F-1 Wheelchairs, Accessories & Replacement Parts, Wheelchairs, Manual (Including Sports)
F-2 Wheelchairs, Accessories & Replacement Parts, Wheelchairs, Powered
F-3 Wheelchairs, Accessories & Replacement Parts, Scooters, Motorized, Three-Wheeled (Indoor & Outdoor)
F-4 Wheelchairs, Accessories & Replacement Parts, Standup Wheelchairs
F-5 Wheelchair Cushion
F-7 Transport Lifts
F-INP Introduction of New Products under 65 II F, Patient Mobility Devices
Patient Aids
Category Description
F-9A Walkers
F-9B Canes
F-9C Crutches
F-9D Shower Aids
F-9E Commode Chairs
F-9F Grab Bars
Portable Ramp System
Category Description
F-8A Threshold Ramps
F-8B Portable Ramps
F-8C Modular Ramps
Wheelchair Accessories
Category Description
F-6A Anti-tip Devices
F-6B Oxygen Tank Holders
F-6C Wheelchair Positioners
F-6D Wheelchair Tires

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