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Contracts Online is designed to provide access to specific contract terms and conditions for a selected contract. Exceptions taken by the contractor to any standard contract clauses in the solicitation are also noted for your convenience. Contracts Online was developed to provide greater visibility of GSA contract information when performing market research and/or placing orders.

MAS Schedule: 78 - SPORTS, PROMOTIONAL, OUTDOOR, RECREATION, TROPHIES AND SIGNS (SPORTS) To view contract clauses for a contractor, click on the "view" link under the Clauses heading.
Point of Contact: National Customer Service Center
Phone: 1-800-488-3111
If the contractor has taken exception to any clause, a "view" link will also appear under the Exceptions heading. Clicking this link will show both the standard clause and the exception taken.
To view the contractor's GSA Price Catalog, click on the contractor's name.
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