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Industrial Products and Services
Machinery and Components
MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Industrial Products and Services - Machinery and Components
Category Description
333921 Vehicle Material Handling Equipment - Includes all vehicle material handling equipment, such as lifts, engine hoists, engine stands, jacks, tire dollies, etc. Includes equipment for maintenance and repair of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and aircraft. Includes all options and accessories related to these products.
333923 Vehicular Cranes and Attachments - Includes but not limited to Wheeled and Tracked Cranes

NOTE: the offeror shall furnish certification that Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Aerial Devices offered are ANSI A92.2 compliant.
333924 Utility Trucks and Tractors - Includes utility trucks and tractors, such as tow, cargo, baggage, and aircraft tug tractors; loaders; electric burden carriers, etc.