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Category Description
653 1 Relocation Service Package - Home sale services ensure the employee's home will be sold, including assistance in marketing the home, negotiating with potential outside buyers, helping the employee become familiar with their new duty location, providing renter/buyer assistance, spousal and mortgage counseling and reports.
653 4 Additional Services - Extra services available include Cost of Living Analysis, Closing Assistance, Expense Management, Rental Management, Entitlement Counseling, Group Move Assistance and International Move Assistance, Property Management and Training.
653 5 Agency Customization Services - Property that is not eligible for the home sale services including special property that is difficult to sell, can be handled under this line item. Also included are special home sale and marketing assistance, and international services involving acclimating the family to the new area.
653 7 Move Management Services - The contractor can provide a total package of move management services including transferee entitlement and pre-move counseling; carrier selection; preparation of bills of lading; shipment booking; service performance and prepayment audits; claims preparation assistance; and on-site quality control.

These services may include environmentally sustainable options designed through Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) SmartWay Program that reduce the impact of freight transport on the environment in the areas of fuel consumption, greenhouse gas, and emissions of air toxics.