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23 V

AUTOMOTIVE SUPERSTORE - The following vehicles and accessories are available under GSA Schedule: Aerial Devices and Digger/Derricks; Construction Equipment, Road and Snow Maintenance; Fire Trucks; Low Speed Vehicles (Gas or Electric); Mobile Command Centers; Remanufactured Engines; Snow Maintenance Equipment; Tankers; Tires; Trailers; Trash Collectors and Recycling Vehicles; Truck Bodies; and Vehicle Accessories and Equipment.

23 V Category list:

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Category Description
023 101 Trailers and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Closed Van Semitrailers, Refrigerated Semitrailers, Platform Semitrailers, Low-bed Semitrailers, Cargo Trailers, Utility Trailers
023 LSV Low Speed Vehicles, Gas or Electric - Purchase or lease street legal electric or gasoline powered low-speed vehicles. Vehicles configured to carry two, four, six or more passengers, or two passengers and a pickup bed or other utility box. Applications include: passenger transport, security patrol, maintenance, and delivery. Vehicles have basic safety equipment and comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 500. Includes related options, parts and accessories.
025 101 Miscellaneous Vehicle Accessories - Includes but not limited to: Filters, Bed Liners, Automotive Lamps, Mirrors, Tarps, Cargo Covers, Tow Hooks, Trailer Towing Packages, Tool Boxes, Mud Flaps, Cargo Van Locks, Security Systems, Spot & Flood Lights, Beacon Warning Devices, PA Speakers, Automotive Light Fixtures, Bins, Cabinets, Ladder Racks, Liftgates, Winches
125 102 Utility & Telecom Construction Equipment and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Service and Line Body Trucks, Personnel Lifts, Digger Derricks, Cable Placers
125 104 Vocational Bodies and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Stake Bodies, Dump Bodies, Utility Bodies, Cargo Bodies, Towing Bodies, Wrecker Bodies, Line and Service Bodies
271 101 Construction Equipment and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Tractors 20hp and greater, Loaders, Excavators, Crawlers, Motor Graders, Scrapers, Ditchers/Trenchers
271 102 Snow Maintenance Equipment (Vehicle Mounting) - limited to: Snowplows, salt/sand spreaders, and snow blowers (Total Small Business Set-Aside)
271 103 Vehicular Cranes and Attachments - Includes but not limited to Wheeled and Tracked Cranes
271 104 Snow Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Sweepers/Scrubbers, Self-contained Snowplows, Snowblowers, Runway De-icing Trucks, Slide-in Units, Snowplows, Salt/Sand spreaders, and Snow Blowers
271 105 Forestry, Mulching, Brush Cutting, and Land Clearing Equipment and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Woodchippers, Shredders, Stump Removers, Tub Grinders
271 106 Street Repair Equipment and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Milling Machines, Road Wideners, and Asphalt Spreaders.
271 108 Spare Components and Equipment for Sedans, Light, Buses, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks - Including Filters, Belts, Hoses, Pads, Pumps, Blades, Shocks, and Bulbs.
272 105 New Technologies - (Note: this applies for any of the FSC listed for the entire schedule)
272 106 Remanufactured Automotive Components - Includes but not limited to: Engines, Transmissions, Differentials & Rear Axle Assemblies, and Electrical Components
618 02 Waste Disposal Vehicles and Attachments - Including but not limited to: Refuse Vehicles and/or Trailers; Recycling Vehicles and/or Trailers; Hazardous Waste Disposal Vehicles and/or Trailers; and Liquid Waste Vehicles and/or Trailers, Roll-off, Hoist, and Hook Lift Trucks.
967 01 Fuel and Petroleum Tank Trucks and Accessories (NFPA 385 & 407 compliant) - Including but not limited to Bulk Fuel Haulers, Ground Fuel Servicing Trucks (single and multiple product), Aircraft Refueling and De-fueling Tank Trucks and related equipment.
968 01 Water Tank Trucks and Accessories - Including but not limited to Potable and Non-potable Water Trucks, Street Flushers, Dust Control Spray Trucks, Trailers, and related equipment and accessories.