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GSA Federal Acquisition Service
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65 II A


65 II A Category list:

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Category Description
A-60 Pacemakers and Ancillary Items, including accessories and replacement parts
A-1 Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive Bandages
A-10 Cannulas, Airways, Tubes and Accessories - All styles, types and sizes, except those relating to blood transfusion and IV apparatus
A-12 Colostomy/Ostomy Products
A-16 Stockings (Anti-embolism/compression only)
A-17 Sutures, Suture Needles, Staples and Extractors (all types and sizes)
A-19 Wound Drainage Systems and Kits/Evacuators - Excludes equipment and equipment accessories
A-200 Equipment Maintenance and Repair
A-24 Bands, Patient Identification
A-27 Brush-Sponge Surgical Scrubs
A-28 Charts and Chart Racks (Medical Only)
A-30 Restraints, Adult and Pediatric - Medical application only
A-31 Drapes, Surgical - Aseptic, surgery application only
A-32 Hospitalware, Plastic/Stainless - Medical use only, such as bedpans, urinals, sponge bowls and water
A-34 Audiometer Equipment
A-35 Vision Screening and Test Equipment
A-36 Ophthalmic Units
A-37 ENG Apparatus
A-38 Ophthalmic Surgical Equipment
A-39 Laser, Surgical
A-40 Cryosurgical Apparatus
A-41 Electrosurgical Apparatus
A-42 Cardiopulmonary Apparatus
A-43 Blood Warmers
A-44 Anesthesia Equipment
A-45 Suction/Aspiration Equipment
A-46 Secondary Oxygen Equipment
A-47 Oxygen Concentrators
A-48 Carts, Emergency, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Crash)
A-49 Oxygen Respirators/Resuscitators
A-5 Binders/Suspensories
A-51 Tel-Home Care
A-52 Respiratory Monitors
A-53 ECG/EKG Apparatus
A-54 Holter Cardiograph Apparatus
A-55 Electrodes, Universal, Leadwires and Cables
A-56 Stress Test Monitors
A-57 Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment
A-58 Erection Aid Devices
A-59 Defibrillators
A-6 Sponges/Surgical
A-61 EEG Apparatus
A-62 EMG Apparatus
A-63 Urodynamic Measurement Apparatus
A-64 IV Pumps
A-65 Pumps, Patient Feeding, External
A-66 Hemodialysis Equipment
A-67 Autotransfusion Units (Blood)
A-68 Noninvasive Bone Growth Stimulators
A-69 Beds and Mattresses for Medical Use - This SIN includes but is not limited to medical grade beds, either with or without the mattress included. The bed springs have sections which may be raised or lowered to position the upper body, knees, and overall height of the bed frame. The head and foot of these beds are adjustable by electric motors or hand cranks. Bed height may also be adjustable by electric motors or hand cranks. Various inner-spring or foam mattresses that are designed to bend with the positioning of the bed may be included; some mattresses are designed to provide a pressure relief sleep surface. These beds typically include bed ends, and may include various accessories that attach to the bed, such as: side rails, pendant hand control, grab bars to assist an individual in and out of bed, foot support, blanket support, and bed alarms. These beds exclude non-adjustable bedsteads having a one-piece bed frame or a bedspring which folds for storage only, such as beds typically used in barracks or other dormitory type quarters, or as household furniture. They also exclude household beds having purely ergonomic adjustments.

Note: Parties interested in Total Hospital Room Solutions including Beds and Mattresses for Medical Use should see GSA Federal Supply Schedule 71, SIN 71-315 for information.
A-70 Physiotherapy Apparatus
A-71 Whirlpool/Hydobaths and Bath Units, Medical
A-72 Stimulators, Muscle, Nerve and Pain Control
A-73 Phototherapy Cabinets (Ultraviolet)
A-74 Flotation Pads/Mattresses for Therapy
A-75 Hyperthermia/Hypothermia Systems
A-76 Lifts, Patient Equipment for Hospital and Home Use
A-77 Transportation Units (Stretchers) - Patient, medical only
A-78 Scales, Electronic and Mechanical - Patient, medical only
A-79 Tables, Patient Examination, Treatment and Operating
A-80 Lights, Surgical, Ceiling and Surgical Stand
A-81 Chairs and Stools, Patient Examining
A-82 Carts, Medication, Patient Application
A-83 Carts, Medical Supplies, Patient Application
A-84 Cabinets, Medical and Surgical
A-85 Cabinets, Warming
A-86 Nourishment Workstations
A-87 Instruments Stands/Tables (Surgical)
A-88 Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
A-89 Sterilizer and Sanitizer Equipment
A-9 Scopes, Medical - With accessories and replacement parts. Includes but is not limited to duodenoscopes, endoscopes and surgical microscopes. Excludes laboratory microscopes.
A-91 Radioactive Medical Waste Systems
A-92 Medication and Supply Packaging and Dispensing Equipment
A-93 Pharmacy Furniture
A-94 Introduction of New Products under 65 II A, Medical Equipment & Supplies
A-95 Tablet Splitters
A-96 Prescription Information Aids, Equipment and Supplies for Patient Use.
Category Description
A-2A Plain Applicators/Swabs/Wipes/Pads
A-2B Treated Applicators/Swabs/Wipes/Pads
Bags, Heat/Cold
Category Description
A-23A Hot Water Bags
A-23B Ice Bags
A-23C Chemical Bags
Category Description
A-3A Plain Bandages/Gauzes
A-3B Treated Bandages/Gauzes
A-3C Casing Bandages/Gauzes
A-3D Elastic Bandages/Gauzes
Catheters (Excluding Urinary Catheters)
Category Description
A-11A Cardiac/Thoracic Catheters - All styles, types and sizes, except those relating to blood transfusion
A-11B Suction Catheters - All styles, types and sizes, except those relating to blood transfusion
A-11C Other Catheters - All styles, types and sizes, except those relating to blood transfusion
Disposable Contamination Containers
Category Description
A-21A Sharps
A-21B Biohazard Bags
A-21C Chemotherapy Containers
A-21D Other Disposable Contamination Containers
Category Description
A-4A Adherent Dressings - Impregnated or non-impregnated
A-4B Non-Adherent Dressings - Impregnated or non-impregnated
Gloves, Medical Surgeon's and Examinary
Category Description
A-13A Sterile Latex Gloves
A-13B Sterile Vinyl Gloves
A-13C Non-Sterile Latex Gloves
A-13D Non-Sterile Vinyl Gloves
A-13E Other Gloves
Hospital Clothing, Patient/Nurse/Doctor
Category Description
A-33A Disposable Hospital Clothing
A-33B Reusable Hospital Clothing
A-33C Impervious Disposables
Implants, Surgical
Category Description
A-20A Joints, Hip, Knee and Accessories
A-20B Intraocular Lenses
A-20C Other Implants, Surgical
Incontinent Products
Category Description
A-26A Pads, Bed Linen, Protective
A-26B Diapers
A-26C Other Incontinent Products
Medical Diagnostic Instruments
Category Description
A-14A Sphygmomanometers
A-14B Ostoscopes
A-14C Stethoscopes
A-14D Thermometers
A-14E Hand-Held Dopplers and Pulse-Oximeters
A-14F Laryngoscopes
A-14G Other Medical Diagnostic Instruments
Needles, Syringes, and Jet Injectors
Category Description
A-15A Needles, Hypodermic
A-15B Syringes
A-15C Syringe and Needle Combination
A-15D Syringe and Needle Combination (Antistick)
A-15E Protective Sheaths (for needles, hypodermic and IV (antistick))
A-15F Needles, Biopsy
A-15G Jet Injectors
Orthopedic/Surgical Supports
Category Description
A-25A Splints
A-25B Braces
A-25C Immobiliers/Soft Goods
A-25D Positioners
A-25E Supports
A-25F Cervical Collars
A-25G Other Orthopedic/Surgical Supports
Physiological Monitors
Category Description
A-50A Vital Signs Monitors
A-50B Blood Pressure Monitors
A-50C Blood Flow Monitors
A-50D Blood Gas Monitors
A-50E Fetal/Neonatal Monitors
A-50F Oximeter Monitors
A-50G Esophageal Motility/Escophageal Pressure Monitors
A-50H Other Physiological Monitors
Sets, Kits and Trays, Disposable
Category Description
A-18A Procedural/Instrument Sets, Kits and Trays, Disposable
A-18B Treatment Sets, Kits and Trays, Disposable
A-18C Other Sets, Kits and Trays, Disposable
Sterilization Products
Category Description
A-90D Other
A-90A Sterilization Control Indicators/Aids
A-90B Tapes
A-90C Wrappers and Bags
Surgical Hand Instruments
Category Description
A-8A Disposable Surgical Hand Instruments - Includes instrument accessories
A-8B Reusable Surgical Hand Instruments - Includes instrument accessories
Surgical Handles/Blades
Category Description
A-7A Blades
A-7B Handles
A-7C Blade/Handle Combination
Urine and Specimen Collection Products
Category Description
A-22A Specimen Cups and Containers
A-22B Urinary Drainage Bags, Kits and Sets
A-22C Urinary Catheters
A-22D Other Urinary Supplies

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