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19 1 Film, Paper, Chemical, Processing Equipment for Photographic and Radiographic Applications - This SIN includes a wide range of film, paper, chemicals, and related equipment for photographic and radiographic applications. Film includes - aerial, still picture, 110, 120, 126, 220, 35mm, 70mm sheet, self-process, motion picture, graphic arts, industrial/x-ray, single-use cameras. Paper includes - drawing and documentation reproduction, instrumentation recording. Chemicals include - black & white/color, industrial/x-ray and directly related equipment - black & white /color wet-processing, silver recovery, aluminum and plastic plates, quality control and traditional darkroom equipment (e.g., -). This SIN includes directly related accessories and attachments.
19 100 Photographic Services and Solutions - (Total Small Business Set-Aside) Includes a full range of Photographic Film, Imaging, Digital Services and Multimedia Duplication, Conversion Services and Web-Site Photo Storage Services. Film Processing Services include all sizes, colors and types (e.g., negatives, microfilm, 16/35mm & intermediates color reversal, reprints, duplicates of slides and prints enhancements, enlargements, filmstrips & slides (e.g., master filmstrip photography, master original (2x2) slide photography and duplicate, color positive filmstrip and color positive (2x2) slide duplicate). Imaging/Digital Services include (e.g., desktop, scanning, photo finishing, output retouching, photo restoration and recovery, aerial, archiving, C-41 negatives and inter-negatives digital photography & darkroom passport photos, electronic file transfer, imaging client-generated slides, mounting or prints, presentation slides and portable displays. Portable Displays are imaging exhibits used for (e.g., trade shows, displays, presentations, meeting and conferences) which comes with various configurations e.g., headers graphics, lights shelving, back lighting, and photo mural and panel inserts. Includes a wide range of media duplication (e.g., film-to-film, tape-to-tape, CD-to-CD, disk-to-disk) and conversion services (e.g., film-to-tape, tape-to-film, film-to-CD, CD-to-internet, tape-to-CD, microfilm-to-tape, photo-to-slides, files-to-presentation slides). These services consist of any media of choice. Other direct related services may include (e.g., editing, scanning, restoration, sound services (music score, sound effects, sound track quality and other sound-related services), internet, video tape captioning and subtitle services, edge numbering, scratch removal, print cleaning, packaging, film treatment, loading of cassettes, animations and time encoding. Under Web-Site Photo Storage Services, customer pictures are scanned and posted to a web site maintained by the vendor on a short/long term basis. The customer can then view the scanned images of their photographs, copy the pictures to their hard disk or send by electronic mail. Additional services may be offered such (e.g., reprints, enlargements, photographic paper and special print, scanning, certain file format, proportioned, edit, crop, sequence layout, size, package, re-order). This service may be ordered online, mail order, or delivered. All directly related support products, accessories, attachments and supplies are offered under SIN 262 53.
20 316 Cameras and Accessories mm - This SIN includes a wide range of cameras but is not limited: digital and conventional, photo ID Cameras, Microfilm and more. Digital requires no film required, images stored onto memory media (e.g., PC Cards, memory stick, Smart Media Cards, Compact Flash Cards, and, Floppy Disks), transfer digital images to your PC desktop publishing, web or attach to electronic mail., and conveniently used with flash memory card reader/writer to allow the user to download the pictures to the flash card in seconds. Conventional include (e.g., 35mm types - Still Picture, Advanced Processing System, Single-Window Combination Range and Viewfinder, Single-Lens Reflex (SLR), Self-Processing, Professional Type 2x2 SLR). Photo ID Cameras including Digital Card Print Systems - used to produce high-quality color and black and white photo identification cards/passes such as employee ID cards and passports with digital card print system. May include magnetic strip encoding, bar coding, or other security type features. Includes directly related attachments, accessories and supplies (e.g., plastic cards, pouches, card and badge attachment, photo die cutters, slot punches, punch laminators, signature capture devices, ID card software, magnetic readers, writers, encoders, inserts, and digital printer supplies. Microfilm Cameras include (e.g., rotary type flow, planetary type (flatbed), Step and Repeat. Microfilm Camera Processors) and other related cameras. : This SIN includes directly related software, attachments and accessories (e.g., electronic and battery flash units, lenses and filters, cases (bags), photo exposure lightmeters, photo exposure light meters, densitometers and sensitometers, spectrophotometers, tripods, digital picture frame, desktop station, adapters, and battery pack) and kits (e.g., global positioning system, connection kit) and outfits.
20 320 Photo Digital Technologies - Desktop Digital Photo Equipment includes, but may not be limited to digital film scanners, digital photo scanners (minimum 600 x 1200 dpi), photo quality color inkjet printers (minimum of 600 x 1200 dpi, 326 bit), wide-format printers, duplicating equipment, and digital photo enhancement/manipulation software. This equipment is meant for use in a typical office or remote site setting to pictorially augment reports, case files, presentations, etc. on a small scale. Includes directly related attachments and accessories.
67 100 Photographic analog and digital Cameras and Imaging Systems and Services (Photo Instrumentation) - Provides for sale, lease and/or customization of specialized analog and digital, high definition, high-speed, photographic imaging equipment and systems including professional broadcast studio and location equipment used in a wide array of commercial, military and medical/ industrial applications. Imaging and Recording Products include but not limited to high speed film and video cameras, photonics imaging systems, aerial and underwater recording systems, optoelectronic devices and imaging products, laser and photo detector imaging systems, biomedical imaging, optics and display technologies, advanced imaging sensors, opto-atomic recording devices for navigation, timekeeping and metrology and meteorology, spectroscopy, holography, biophotonics, robotics; and computer-assisted standard and remote control and mounting camera systems and devices, telescopes, and long range sensors,( Devices intended for Law Enforcement , Security, Scientific, Laboratory and Testing applications per the scope and intent of Schedules 84 and 66 are excluded from this SIN) Proprietary products and equipment available for short or long term lease. Professional services are limited to enhanced development and customization of off-the-shelf camera, optical, recording and image management equipment and systems. Specialized analog and digital equipment include but are not limited to high speed, underwater and terrestrial cameras, telescopes, binoculars, Mirrors/Refractors, Lens and ReproOptics ( Devices intended for Law Enforcement , Security, Scientific, Laboratory and Testing applications per the scope and intent of Schedules 84 and 66 are excluded from this SIN ) High Speed Instrumentation Cameras and accessories including mounting equipment and computer-assisted control systems.
67 99 New Products/Technology - New or improved products and services with the potential of being more economical or efficient. These products/services may presently exist in the commercial marketplace, are being developed or improved, and have not been introduced to the Federal Government.
1. A new or improved product is a product, offered anytime, that has the potential to provide more economical or efficient means for Federal agencies to accomplish their mission. It may be a product existing in the commercial market, which is being developed, improved, or not yet introduced to the Federal Government. It also may perform a new task or procedure not currently available under any GSA contract.
2. The vendor must be capable of demonstrating that the product has potential to provide greater economical or efficient means for Federal agencies to accomplish their mission; perform a new tasks or procedure not currently available under any GSA contract.
3. As determined by the Government, there are not similar items currently available under an existing Special Item Number (SIN).
4. Vendors must understand that there is no guarantee that the product offered would be recognized and accepted as a new product.
5. Technical review of items may be considered. The Government has sole discretion to determine whether an item shall be accepted as a new product.
262 53 Product Support for Photographic Products and Services - This SIN includes product support for photographic products and services - media types, materials, supplies, products, floppy disks, software applications, products/equipment (e.g., pictures, filmstrips, negatives, film, image, slides, motion picture reels and cans, photographic paper, prints, negatives, magazine-loaded slides, cassettes, CD's, diskettes, chemicals, tapes, ID Cards, manuals etc.