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738 X Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services
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595 6 SEPARATION & RETIREMENT This function includes conducting efficient and accurate Human Capital processing actions in support of employee separation or retirement work includes but is not limited to: conducting efficient and accurate HC processing actions in support of employee separation or retirement, handling the appropriate notifications and determining the terms of the separation. Ensuring knowledge transfer occurs between the separating employee and remaining employees. Separating employees are offered transition counseling and support. This sub-function includes: A.6.1 Separation Counseling; A.6.2 Retirement Planning and Processing; and A.6.3 Retirement Management.

A.6.1 Separation Counseling involves determining the terms, entitlements, and benefits options of separation (e.g., leave balance pay out or transfer of account, severance, pension, Temporary Continuation of Coverage, etc.) and conducting counseling activities. Services include, but are not limited to: providing HR Consulting services specific to retirement not otherwise offered under EAP. Also, providing outplacement support including, but are not limited to: comprehensive outplacement/career transition services in response to downsizing and reorganizing including moving personnel to new positions inside or outside of the organization and retirement assistance; training, counseling and guidance in areas such as self-assessment; knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) assessment; job aptitude/interest inventories; group and individual counseling; career and job workshops; resume writing; job search methods; interview and negotiation techniques; stress management; and personal financial management and job training.

A.6.2 Retirement Planning and Processing includes retirement counseling between the HR department and the prospective retiree, retirement application processing (which includes input from the prospective retiree, HR, and payroll), the application adjudication, and the authorization of retirement payments. Services include, but are not limited to: Providing professional consulting services in support of retirement planning.

A.6.3 Retirement Management includes the oversight and maintenance of the organizationís retirement systems, tools, and processes, providing consulting and management support in the design and implementation of customer agency retirement protocols.
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