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Food Services & Cleaning
MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Facilities - Food Service Equipment
Category Description
311423 Non Perishable foods - Includes non-perishable provisions and food service support, such as water filtration units, portable water, non-perishable subsistence meals, beverages, portable kitchen units, etc.
332215T Cooking Utensils - Includes tableware, such as flatware (stainless, silver, and silver-plated), glassware, and disposable tableware.
Industrial Products and Services - Cleaning Supplies
Category Description
325611 Cleaning Products - Includes cleaning products such as laundry cleaner, floor/carpet cleaners, sorbents, biodegradable cleanser/degreasers, and other related cleaning chemicals, dispensing equipment and systems.
Subgroups (not all vendors have been placed within the following subgroups. To view a complete list of vendors, click on the SIN)
  Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser (Solvent Based) Non-Phenolic and Non-petroleum
  Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser (Water Based) Non-Phenolic and Non-Petrolemm - Products approved by USDA for Food Handling Areas
  Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Equipment and Systems
  Cleaning Chemicals used with Dispensing Systems
  Cleaners/Degreasers - (Water and/or Solvent Based Detergent)
  Cleaner/Degreasers and Polishes - (I,I,I Trichloroethane CFC Replacement for Industrial/Electrical Applications)
  Sorbents - Marine Usage, Type III Non-water soluble
  Sorbents - Non-Marine Usage Type I for Non-hazardous & Non-toxic Organic Spill
  Sorbents - Non-Marine Usage Type II for Hazardous and Toxic Organic Spills