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Firefighting Products
84 TOTAL SOLUTIONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, SECURITY, FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, FIRE, RESCUE, CLOTHING, MARINE CRAFT AND EMERGENCY/DISASTER RESPONSE - The Local Preparedness Acquisition Act, signed June 26, 2008, authorizes state and local governments to purchase from GSA alarm and signal systems, facility management systems, firefighting and rescue equipment, law enforcement and security equipment, marine craft and related equipment, special purpose clothing, and related services.

84 Category list:

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Category Description
465 8 Flood Control Equipment Traditional and Alternative Approaches - Includes, but not limited to, all types of traditional sandbagging equipment, supplies and services and non-traditional emergency flood control equipment, supplies and services.
465 9 Medical/Rescue Kits - Including, but not limited to, emergency response kits, field rescue kits and equipment.
Firefighting and Rescue Equipment, Urban and Wildland
Category Description
465 10 Emergency Patient Transportation and Immobilization Devices: - Handicapped Evacuation Devices, Stretcher Chairs, Scoop Stretchers, Basket Stretchers, Splints, Fraction Aids, Cervical Spine Immobilization Collars, Ked or Similar Devices and Extraction Devices
465 11 Fire Extinguishing/Suppressing Products, Retardant, Foams and Equipment: - Includes but not to Foam Concentrate, Wetting Agent, Fire Extinguishers (excluding "Halon" fire extinguishing devices), Slip-on Firefighting Units, Pumps, Portable Tanks (folding or collapsible) and Chemical Mixing Equipment (foam proportioners, injectors, eductors).

Note: Vendors are highly encouraged to consider adding products that have been evaluated under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program and listed in the Halon Substitutes under the SNAP list maintained by the EPA. Customers should be aware that commercially available fire suppression agents approve by EPA as alternatives to ozone depleting substances may be available under this SIN. Look for the SNAP icon in product listings on GSA Advantage.
465 17 Firefighting Distress/Signal Devices and Heat Sensing Devices: - Includes but not limited to personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS), Fuses and Related Devices for Emergency Applications
465 19 Firefighting and Rescue Tools, Equipment and Accessories: - Includes but not limited to Portable Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Jaws, Cutters, Rams and Files, Pulaski tools, Combi tools, Axes, Rakes, Shovels and Handles
465 22 Breathing Air Equipment, Inhalator Devices, Respiratory Protection Products, Related Support Items and Solutions: - SCBA's (self contained breathing apparatus), Air Compressors, Air Filtering Personal Equipment and Emergency Egress Equipment
567 15 Hoses, Valves, Fittings, Nozzles, Couplings and Related Accessories. Hoses: - includes cotton, cotton-synthetic and synthetic materials; weeping, single jacket, double jacket and hard line design: Attach Hose, operations hoses and supply hose; large and small diameters; with and without couplings; threaded and quick disconnect couplings. Nozzles: includes all types of water and foam nozzles used to shape and control a firestream for firefighting purposes. Valves/Fittings: Includes wye valves, automatic check and bleeder valves, automatic pressure fuel valves, butterfly valves, horseshoe shut-off valves and all types of fittings. Related Accessories: Includes but not limited to reels, all types of couplings, fittings and accessories used to modify hose streams, fixate and mount nozzles, control water streams, etc.
567 4 Helicopter Equipment and Products for Search and Rescue and Firefighting Applications: - For the transport and delivery of firefighting agents and equipment by Helicopter. Includes but not limited to Chemical Injection Devices, Cargo Nets, Swivels, Lift Baskets, Drop Buckets, and other related accessories
567 8 Burning Equipment: - Flame Throwers, drip torch, aerial ignition equipment
567 99 Introduction of New Products and Services relating to Firefighting and Rescue Equipment