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Wildland Fire & Equipment
Fire & Chemical Analysis
66 SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES - Test and Measurement Equipment, Unmanned Scientific Vehicles; Laboratory Instruments, Furnishings and LIMS; Geophysical and Environmental Analysis Equipment; and Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Geophysical Testing Services

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Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Geophysical Testing Services
Category Description
873 2 Chemical Testing And Analysis Services And Related Chemistries, Supplies And Consumables - Services for chemical testing and analysis include, but are not limited to, wet chemistry and associated physical tests; viscosity/density testing; electrochemistry testing; chromatography (GC, LC, SFC, SFE, HPLC, GS/MS, LC/MS, GPC, GFC, IC, column, thin layer, paper); spectroscopy (AA, FT-IR, UV/VIS, XRD, NMR, ICP, MS, fluorescence, Raman); thermal analysis (DSC, DTA, TGA, TMA); surface analysis/microscopy(SAM, SEM, TEM, SIMS, ion); Optic/photometry testing(appearance, color, reflectance, gloss, transmittance, luminance); occupational/drug testing (monitor or measure employees exposure to hazardous substance abuse screening); biological Testing (biochemical, toxicological, pharmacological, bacteriological); environmental and hazardous waste analysis (priority pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, metals, PCB's, petroleum); water analysis; food testing(taste, odor, texture); and related training. Includes, but not limited to, reagents, solutions and other directly related supplies.
873 4 Geotechnical And Thermal/Fire Testing And Analysis - Services for geophysical and thermal/fire testing and analysis include, but are not limited to, construction material testing (concrete, roof, asphalt, etc.); geological material testing (soil, rock, etc.); geophysical testing; geosynthetic testing, seismographic testing, oceanographic testing; metrological testing; thermal/heat testing(temperature, fire, flammability, smoke/toxicity, conductivity); and related training.