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Personal Care personal care items, soaps, hand sanitizers, skin care products, lotions, towels
MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Industrial Products and Services - Cleaning Supplies
Category Description
325611 Cleaning Products - Includes cleaning products such as laundry cleaner, floor/carpet cleaners, sorbents, biodegradable cleanser/degreasers, and other related cleaning chemicals, dispensing equipment and systems.
Subgroups (not all vendors have been placed within the following subgroups. To view a complete list of vendors, click on the SIN)
  Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser (Solvent Based) Non-Phenolic and Non-petroleum
  Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser (Water Based) Non-Phenolic and Non-Petrolemm - Products approved by USDA for Food Handling Areas
  Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Equipment and Systems
  Cleaning Chemicals used with Dispensing Systems
  Cleaners/Degreasers - (Water and/or Solvent Based Detergent)
  Cleaner/Degreasers and Polishes - (I,I,I Trichloroethane CFC Replacement for Industrial/Electrical Applications)
  Sorbents - Marine Usage, Type III Non-water soluble
  Sorbents - Non-Marine Usage Type I for Non-hazardous & Non-toxic Organic Spill
  Sorbents - Non-Marine Usage Type II for Hazardous and Toxic Organic Spills
Industrial Products and Services - Industrial Products
Category Description
314120 Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services - Includes lodging and hospitality supplies and services, such as air cleaners and purifiers, houseware items for furnishing guest rooms or living quarters, mattresses, safety and security components, amenities, outdoor furniture and equipment, etc.
Miscellaneous - Personal Hair Care Items
Category Description
335210 Personal Care Items - Includes personal care items, such as barber supplies, shoe polish, saddle soap, combs, brushes, salon supplies, etc.