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Security Solutions - State & Local
GSA offers a host of security solutions for Federal agencies, including: Identity Management solutions to help address identity control and access, and to ensure your agency meets Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) requirements; Safeguarding Information solutions that help protect your electronic information from unwanted access, and take steps to follow all federal guidelines on information security; Compliance solutions directed at helping agencies implement information technology security; Physical Security solutions that help protect personnel, facilities, national borders, and critical infrastructure from unauthorized access, terrorism, and other offensive acts; Security Systems solutions that ensure the security of buildings, property, equipment, and other materials, and: It Services and Products for Legacy Integration that help you update your legacy security systems and automate manual functions with software and data-input devices.
NOTE: Only vendors who have elected to sell to State and Local Governments are displayed in this category. These vendors are represented with this icon .

Compliance Support
IT Services and Products for Legacy Integration
Identity Management
Physical Security
Safeguarding Information
Security Systems