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FSC 46 - Air and Water Purification Equipment and Sewer Treatment Equipment
Category Description
641 6 Water Treatment Solutions, including Water Filtration Systems, Water Purification Systems, Sewage Treatment Equipment/Systems Including, but not limited to, systems that filter out harmful bacteria and parasites using replaceable filter media; units to prepare water for consumption by persons without access to safe water supplies; and storage units for treated/potable water, including options and accessories equipment for a sewage treatment facility and/or pretreatment of sewage wastewater generated by a small municipality; Septic Treatment Systems; Septic Tanks, Distribution station, lateral field plumbing station & all associated fixtures, Water treatment systems designed to capture, clean, re-use or pre treat wastewater. These commercial unit(s) should remove contaminants (such as oil, soluble oil, grease and soil) from a waste stream & then automatically store the cleaned water for re-use. The unit(s) treats water from high-volume, stream or pressure cleaning operations, such as motor pool cleaning, road maintenance equipment cleaning & tool parts cleaning. Also includes, Feeder System Units consisting of one or more pumps, with or without injector connections, hose & necessary fittings. Units Designed to introduce chemicals or chemical solutions used for water purification purposes, including options and accessories.

NOTE: Commercially available septic system treatments may include products which meet the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Safer Choice Products Program.
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