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323111SBSA Photographic Services and Solutions Includes a full range of Photographic Film, Imaging, Digital Services and Multimedia Duplication, Conversion Services and Web-Site Photo Storage Services. Film Processing Services include all sizes, colors and types (e.g., negatives, microfilm, 16/35mm & intermediates color reversal, reprints, duplicates of slides and prints enhancements, enlargements, filmstrips & slides (e.g., master filmstrip photography, master original (2x2) slide photography and duplicate, color positive filmstrip and color positive (2x2) slide duplicate). Imaging/Digital Services include (e.g., desktop, scanning, photo finishing, output retouching, photo restoration and recovery, aerial, archiving, C-41 negatives and inter-negatives digital photography & darkroom passport photos, electronic file transfer, imaging client-generated slides, mounting or prints, presentation slides and portable displays. Portable Displays are imaging exhibits used for (e.g., trade shows, displays, presentations, meeting and conferences) which comes with various configurations e.g., headers graphics, lights shelving, back lighting, and photo mural and panel inserts. Includes a wide range of media duplication (e.g., film-to-film, tape-to-tape, CD-to-CD, disk-to-disk) and conversion services (e.g., film-to-tape, tape-to-film, film-to-CD, CD-to-internet, tape-to-CD, microfilm-to-tape, photo-to-slides, files-to-presentation slides). These services consist of any media of choice. Other direct related services may include (e.g., editing, scanning, restoration, sound services (music score, sound effects, sound track quality and other sound-related services), internet, video tape captioning and subtitle services, edge numbering, scratch removal, print cleaning, packaging, film treatment, loading of cassettes, animations and time encoding. Under Web-Site Photo Storage Services, customer pictures are scanned and posted to a web site maintained by the vendor on a short/long term basis. The customer can then view the scanned
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BONOLABS, LLC GS-02F-0147Y 240-813-2460 BELTSVILLE ,MD s
PILOT IMAGING, INC. GS-02F-0201V (301)838-9006 ROCKVILLE ,MD s/w  
ZINNIA FILMS INC. 47QRAA22D003E (202)664-9152 BALTIMORE ,MD s/d