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51 600 Electronic Records Management Solutions Electronic Records Management Solutions provide a comprehensive capability to solve the complex challenges posed by the movement, manipulation, archiving, security, and management of electronic records. The vendor provides professional management and administrative support personnel with the necessary skills to perform effective record management services for both classified and/or unclassified records. The services are provided using either Government or vendor equipment and facilities or a combination of both. The objective of electronic records management services is to permit the access, maintenance, control, storage, disposition, and transfer of electronic records. This SIN also includes any ancillary supplies and/or services necessary to provide a total electronic records management solution.

NOTE: Ordering Agencies are responsible for ensuring that vendors comply with all NARA regulations for electronic records management. All vendors must complete the Electronic Records Management (ERM) Vendor Capability Certification (attached to the solicitation) in order to certify their specific ERM capabilities.

Services Include:

ELECTRONIC RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICES C Electronic Records Management Services include, but are not limited to, helping agencies ensure records are reliable, authentic, have integrity, remain useable, and include the necessary content, context and structure. Records management also includes the ability to maintain records securely, manage access and retrieval, preserve records for as long as necessary and execute disposition.

FILE ORGANIZATION AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES - File Organization and Maintenance Services consist of the following: tracking of records, indexing, scanning, labeling, bar-coding, and filing.

For the small subset of agency records that will be accessioned into the holdings of the National Archives, additional requirements may apply. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) issued standards in NARA Bulletin 2015-04 that define the minimum set of metadata elements that must accompany transfers of permanent electronic records to the National Archives. Per 36 CFR 1235.48, Federal agencies are required to transfer documentation adequate for NARA to identify, service, and interpret permanent electronic records. This guidance applies to all permanent electronic records and is a companion to NARA Bulletin 2014-04: Revised Format Guidance for the Transfer of Permanent Electronic Records. This Bulletin has two appendices:

Appendix A: Metadata Element Definitions
Appendix B: Recommended File and Folder Naming Conventions
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