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Group D-Special Use Furniture
Category Description
71 305 Library Furniture. (Small Busines Set-Aside) Includes items such as shelving and bookcases (wood, wood grain materials, or wood frames with steel shelves, metal with adjustable shelves and doubled wall construction for sides); basic shelf units and add-on units (wall and/or island shelving) for various configurations; all types and sizes of wood and/or metal book trucks or returns with slant or flat shelves; wood or metal card catalog cabinets (case type and sectional type); wood or metal straight leg or sled base chair styles, with or without arms; wood or metal, rotary, charging and desk chairs without arms, with a foot rest (minimum 695 mm seat height required for rotary chairs); wood or metal charging/discharging modular units; book charging accessories such as charging equipment holders, trays, datebooks (excluding date stamps, pens, pencils, etc.); wood or metal exhibit cases or tables with glass or plastic hood or doors (units must have security locks); book, periodical, newspaper and literature display racks and/or shelving; media display racks, shelving or browser units (to hold compact discs, phonographs, video and audio cassettes, etc.); dictionary or atlas stands; reading tables (catalog reference, individual study, index and slope with matching benches); library carrels not exceeding 1015 mm in width, with or without task lights/power/communication.
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ATD CAPITOL, LLC GS-28F-0023X 215-696-2072 BOCA RATON ,FL s