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GSA Federal Acquisition Service
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MAS Multiple Award Schedule
Professional Services - Environmental Services
Category Description
562112 Hazardous Waste Disposal Services Services include, but are not limited to: Management and oversight of Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) disposal operations, and management, oversight and recycling of universal waste (e.g., batteries, cell phones, cathode ray tubes (CRTs), and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)). This includes reuse assessments and inventory, destruction, inventory transfer and/or disposal after compliance with GSA Office of Personal Property Management requirements outlined in Federal Management Regulations 101-42, 102-36, and 102-37 (as applicable). Examples of types of material waste services include, but are not limited to: Solid waste, industrial waste, mining waste, and oilfield waste (e.g., drill cuttings); Liquid waste (e.g., wastewater containing less than 1% solids); medical waste; pharmaceutical waste; excess inventory; surplus inventory; non-hazardous materials that pose no immediate threat to human health and the environment, excluding household waste (e.g., routine refuse collection and disposal); hazardous materials and/or those that contain leachable toxic components; plastics such as acrylic, nylon, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE); confiscated materials; and construction debris such as asphalt, drywall and/or metal.

NOTE: Services offered under this scope shall NOT include any transportation / disposal of radioactive waste (other than low-level radioactive waste associated with medical waste), asbestos and/or paint abatement, radon mitigation.
Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
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C2 ALASKA, LLC 47QSHA22D000D 2102934128 SAN ANTONIO ,TX s/d/8a/an/8aS
HVF WEST LLC GS-10F-0088U 520-750-9454 TUCSON ,AZ o
TECHNOLOGY VENTURES, INC. 47QSMA21D08Q0 5865736000 WARREN ,MI s/w/wo/dv/d
VMX INTERNATIONAL LLC 47QRAA22D00B9 586-291-7778 DETROIT ,MI s/w/wo/ew/d

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